Corporate Social Responsibility

Beyond Compliance

We at Evince strongly believe in doing good and doing well. Moreover, education is a key factor that contributes to the advancement of a society; therefore, most of our efforts are directed towards not only allowing the youth to receive free education, but also encouraging them to move forward by pursuing degrees in higher studies as well. The following initiatives highlight our means of giving back to the local communities in which we operate:
  • Madinatul Qwomy Madrasa, established in 2000, consists of 225 students
  • Free boarding is available to each student
  • Evince Model School, established in 2013, consists of 138 students
  • Present college funds to individuals who wish to complete their educational journey
  • Provide shirts and collect and distribute sweaters to the local people during Winter
  • Raw milk and fresh water fish are sold to fellow co-workers at subsidized costs; hence, creating employment for local farmers and aid them in their business and presenting our co-workers with the opportunity to purchase such necessities at a price that is below the market price.