Health & Safety
As a responsible apparel producer, Evince provides its employees with a sound working environment as per required standards.

To secure mental and physical wellbeing of workers is our primary concern. All factories of Evince features:
  • Sufficient lighting and ventilation through usage of overhead mirror reflectors for lamps and forced duct ventilation
  • Clearly demarcated emergency routes and exits
  • Efficient smoke and fire detectors

Usage of needle guard in time of sewing, metal gloves in times of fabric cutting, and such similar procedures has reduced work-related accidents significantly. ‘Prevention before accident’ is our philosophy. It is achieved through focused attention that has resulted in the lowest worker accident in Evince.

Every unit includes proper medical centers with full-time doctors and nurses who operate to extend general health-care consultation besides first-aid treatment.

Furthermore, adequate and properly placed faucets of safe drinking waters, hygienic lavatories, spacious canteen and other facilities are maintained and periodically reviewed for improvements. Thereby a conscious effort is always ongoing to ensure worker’s welfare.