Upcoming Projects

Argon Spinning Ltd.

Evince group is planning another backward linkage project by setting up a state of the art yarn spinning mill with customized machinery for producing the highest quality weaving yarn in the country. With a planned capacity of 26 tones of yarn per day, the plant will be geared up with 28,000 spindles to produce fine yarns for shirting as well as specialized coarser yarn for denims.

The project will strengthen the yarn dyed textiles and denim fabric division’s quality and delivery time by allowing having total control over product customization as per customer requirements.

Argon Jeans Ltd.

Evince group is all set to venture in jeans manufacturing. Plans are on the way to set up a jeans manufacturing project with an initial capacity of 12 lines supported by in house washing plant equipped to do the latest washes. Argon Jeans will close the composite cycle for the denim division of the group by providing the end product for the yarns of Argon Spinning Ltd and the fabric of Argon Denims Ltd. It will be aimed towards manufacturing premium jeans for global brands and retailers.